Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall 2018 Update

It’s been a while since I have updated you on Bennett’s Journey. We had an MRI back in April, the next is planned October 19th. The tumor looked stable in the last MRI, so I continue to pray that this next MRI will continue with stability. We have been dealing a lot with his autism diagnosis right now. The children see him as odd, if they only knew what he has gone through, his view on life is bigger than any of us. Every person he touches or meets, he loves. Unconditionally. One girl in his class was bullying him, but his teacher squashed it quickly for us. These children who bully and tease, those are learned traits, not inherent. I can’t protect him forever, but I will try, because that’s what a cancer mom does, any and everything to protect your baby that God entrusted into you to raise, I cannot let him down. I am his voice.

He took math tutoring this summer, and it is really reflecting in his work this year. Did I mention that he passed into 2nd grade?!? I’m so proud. He is in Ms. Rebecca Martinez and Ms. Gorski’s classes this year, both of them are wonderful with him. Gives me a small sense of relief.

We are working on setting up ABA services for him, but our insurance is giving us a VERY hard time. I hope to get this taken care of very soon. I see him every day, so to me he is normal. And then I see other children his age, God he is different, special, but destined for greatness. We are so blessed that we live in the top medical facility center in the USA.

Over the summer he began a bowling league and is still on it, he loves it. Purple Ball, Purple Bowling Shirt, Purple Ball Bag. Absolutely everything in his favorite color, PURPLE. We have played with friends, made new ones, Got to go to Family Camp for Periwinkle again, and we just got confirmation that his Make-A-Wish Trip has been granted. November 14-travel, November 15- Hot Wheels Factory where he gets to design his own car they will sell in stores, November 16- Disney Cars Land, and then back home November 17. We are all so excited for him.

That’s all for now, next update after the MRI on the 19th.

-Bennett’s Supermom

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