Friday, October 27, 2017

October 20, 2017 MRI

Today we ventured up to Texas Children's Hospital for another maintenance MRI, this lets us know what his brain tumor is doing. Bennett was so anxious and worried that he was going on the "space ship-aka-MRI machine" that he actually threw-up. Mommy was a worried mess as well with scanxiety, but I kept the happy face on because I know that Bennett feeds off of our positivity. Each time he has an MRI now they have to give him some form of Xanax to calm him down. It only helps a little. As a toddler when he began this journey he was never afraid, scared...only a smile on his face. No tears. The location of his tumor was pressing on a gland that suppressed feelings. As the tumor has shrunk and he's gotten older, he's now very cognitively aware of what he is really going through, and that scares him. I know I had hoped that he would have that veil and rose colored glasses for as long as he could, but it seems that door has shut and new one has opened. As we move ahead all we can do is stay positive, live in the moment and thank God that his tumor is not growing, it has stabilized. I know we wish it would have continued to shrink, but for now, stable is good. I'll take that any day over a growing mass in his tiny little brain.

This journey has taught me so much about love, understanding, kindness, paying it forward and having hope. My son is my hero. His most recent results from today's MRI is that it is stable. Thank God for that. We will continue to monitor it, his next MRI is in April 2018. We watch, we wait. We remain vigilant for any signs that the tumor is trying for round 2. But for now it looks like we may have just killed that "little" giant. Until next time...

Bennett's Super Mommy