Monday, April 17, 2017

April 14, 2017 MRI

Today Bennett and I ventured down to the main campus for his maintenance MRI. It gives us a look at what the tumor is currently doing. Bennett had a severe panic attack prior to going under...I think it all has gotten so real for him, that he knows its not normal anymore for a child to go to the hospital, and it scares him. They gave him a fast acting anxiety rx to help calm him down, but he still faught going under the anesthesia. After the MRI we took the wheelchair over to the CCC 14th Floor Cancer Center and got to talk with his oncologist with the results and where we are headed for the next year or so. The results were that the tumor was stable. :) Wonderful news! So if he continues on like this for the next 5 years, we can finally move him to the Cancer Survivor Clinic. I cannot wait for that day. I'm emotionally drained from this cancer.

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