Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 9, 2016

Well... Today we had our scheduled maintenance MRI to see if the tumor is still shrinking. It's been a tenant in Bennett's brain for so long now we might as well give it a name. Any suggestions? Hah. We arrived at TCH bright and early at 7am, and Bennett was high anxiety again today just like his last MRI in April. I think the full impact of his illness is slowly becoming more understandable as time goes on. I hate to even call it lucky, but we have been lucky the past 4 years that he has been so blind to all of this. It's almost like a switch has been flipped. He repeated over and over that he did not want to go see the spaceship today. If I could take it all away and blow up the space ship I would. I'm so over this cancer. In ready for my little boy to be a little boy. He went under with a fight, and woke up grumpy. We've been cuddled in big bed all day letting anesthesia leave his system. I'm on Momcology Scanxiety pins and needles right now...typically his oncologist calls by  4pm to give us the ok that his results are ok. But it's 7pm, still no call. I can't replace my breath until I get that verbal confirmation that his team at is still slowly moving out. This waiting game sucks. Randy and I have begun to grab a disc of the images each time he has an MRI now so that we can see for ourselves how it looks before we meet with his oncologist...this scan has me a tad concerned... It's probably nothing and I'm over analyzing, as I normally do, since his tumor has never followed the normal route. It just looks more pronounced than the last scan to me. Praying that's not the case. So for now, we wait... Tick tock. 

The results came back... Stable! :) I'll take it! Woohoo!!!!