Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Post MRI Oncology Appt (September 22, 2015)

Today Gammy took little man up to TCH main to meet with his oncologist Dr. Rednam to discuss our next steps. Here is a picture of his tumor so has reduced by a millimeter in all directions! SOOOOOO excited about that. It's weird...who would have thought that I would have been excited about a tumor decrease 5 years ago... our lives have completely changed.
We will have another MRI in Decemeber and then one in March. If we continue to see shrinkage or stabalization we will then move to every 4 months and then to every 6 months over the course of the next 3 years. After that its 1x a year for the remainder of his life. Small price to pay for the comfort of being "cancer" free...well at least as much as he can be. A child with a brain tumor that is still there can never really be in remission...but we like to think he is technically there. ;)

I will update you all as we move forward. About to get SUPER busy with Bennett's Bears for the holiday season...lots of love- Mommy Nester

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Thought I would share a few pics of him recently... he's just LOVING being a normal kid right now!

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

Today mommy and Daddy brought little man up here for his 2 month check up MRI... They are doing his brain and spine, so it will be a 3 hour procedure... He just went back so I will post more later once he's out... He handled going under well! They want to review his spine to make sure that no tumors are growing on it... Just a preventative measure... 
Well, he is out of his MRI and back home... Made for a VERY long day... He is still woozy but is curled in bed watching Cinderella... Will let you all know once we get results. -mommy nester

Results are in... TUMOR IS STILL SHRINKING! :) Thank you Jesus! So thrilled that the radiation is working. I don't think we could take much more. And there are no tumors on his spine! Wonderful news for us today!