Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 16, 2015

Today we ventured over to TCH Katy for his 4 month post radiation MRI. Tropical Storm Bill is making landfall this morning and the rain bands have already begun to hit us. Hoping we can make it home before it gets much worse. Last thing we need is to be stuck at the hospital in the storm. He is not feeling too well this morning, stuffy and runny nose, but other than that he has handled his port access and going under anesthesia like a champ. The oncologist should call us later this afternoon with the results, so I will keep everyone posted. Praying for stable results.... Maybe all of this rain is a good sign, cleansing our family of cancer. For now I sit and wait in this room filled with little kids who have to get MRIs...

Well MRI went well! Little man woke up grumpy, but that's expected from the anesthesia. We expect to get the results later today or when we meet with his oncologist Friday :) 
Results are in...the tumor is SHRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

So we will now schedule him to remove his port (meaning that the doctors don't think that he will need any further treatments); and they will fix his eyes so that they are conjugate again. I cannot tell you all how happy we are. I will keep you all posted what the next step will be.