Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bennett & Murphy

Today Eric Forsythe came by the house and took some candid shots of Bennett with his new buddy Murphy! ;) Thank you so much sir for capturing Bennett with his new puppy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014

Bennett got a special surprise for chemo today....his cousin Maddie came to play with him while he got his treatment. He was SO excited to see her! ;) She and Gammy arrived at 7:30am, just enough time for little man to have donut holes before we left for "Letters" as he calls it...which is TCH west campus. As soon as we got there he had a quick and easy access with Nurse Dana and then was able to play while we waited on his counts....which were....2160! Woohoo! ;) So, we got chemo today! Afterwards we took him to McDonald's for lunch and then home to wait for Mr. Eric to come over to do the photoshoot of Bennett and Murphy ;) Super nice of him to do so. 

Bennett also got to experience his first movie this week with Payge. They went to Studio Movie Grill and saw Epic at 11am on Monday....she said he loved it, especially his chocolate shake.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 20, 2014

We had SUCH a busy weekend…where to begin? Friday morning Mommy & Bennett went over to TCH West Campus for chemo. As always, handled it well. Counts were at 1900 and we were able to receive chemo. Liam's Mommy "Carli" stopped in to give Bennett a "Linked with Liam" Warrior Pack, filled with a blanket and all kinds of goodies, which he loved, so a BIG thank you to them! 

After that, Bennett's cousins (Alyssa, Mariah, Tieran & Jaycee) came to stay the night, which was fun because we haven't seen them in over a year. They were able to play outside, swim and jump on the trampoline. Super FUN! 

Saturday afternoon Bennett & Mommy went to the HURT Rubgy Awards Ceremony downtown. ;) Bennett rough housed with the guys, threw the ball around and even was able to play a few games at Joystix next door! ;) They awarded him with a Team Ball Signed by all the guys. We just love them! 

Sunday- we went over to Stephanie's parent's house to plant a lemon tree for them in her memory. Bennett and Steph always loved watering the lemon tree together in our backyard, so we wanted to give them a little piece of Bennett and steph to keep with them. ;) All in All, a busy and GREAT weekend. Until next week…-Mommy Nester

June 13, 2014

Today Mommy & Bennett met Coach Efe & David At TCH Main Campus for his chemo. As always, he accessed well, and his counts were super high at 2140, so we were able to get chemo. Its always nice when they come for chemo with us, it gives Mommy a break, and gives  Bennett someone else to chase around the room. haha! ;) After chemo, we went to stay the weekend with Nana & Papa, which they always love. 

June 12, 2014

Today Mommy had to work, so Gammy and Daddy took little man to his MRI. He had a little trouble falling as keep this time form the sedation, but the doctor said that someone who has as many sedations as he has will at some point start building up a tolerance to the drug. We were super nervous going into this, but our prayers were answered. NO GROWTH! Which means that a certain someone will be able to start back to school August 11th. His last day of chemo will be August 8th! :) We will continue to monitor the tumor with MRI's and his port will stay in just incase it starts to grow again and we need to take action. So relieved at this point. :)

June 6, 2014

We had a very hectic week this week…to begin, we traveled to Dallas last Saturday and picked up Bennett's newest Addition to the Nester Family. He was donated to our family from a miniature Austrailian Shepherd breeder in Dallas. Which was so kind of her. Everyone, please meet: Murphy Nester…Bennett is still trying to decide if he actually likes him or not…lol! ;)

Moving on…Wednesday morning Payge noticed that Bennett didn't really seem like himself, after playing all morning, he came in at 10am and asked for a nap, which NEVER happens. She took his temperature and he was running 102.9. I rushed home and took him to the ER. They admitted him to the hospital and we stayed there until Friday afternoon. After lots of love, hugs, fluids and meds, and a round of chemo, little man was able to go home and rest for the weekend. His counts were at 3000 at one point. Guess his little body was fighting off that virus. Happy to say he is doing much better now. ;)

May 30, 2014

Today we had early morning chemo at TCH West Campus…Stephanie's Mom Barbara wanted to come along and share in Bennett's journey, so she met us there at 8am for his chemo. She had such a wonderful time playing with him and getting to experience everything that Stephanie did when she came, which I think she enjoyed. Unfortunately his counts were only 840, so no chemo today. :( 

On another note….we had to find a quick replacement for Stephanie, so one of our friend's daughter is home from college for the summer, so she is watching Bennett for us. Her name is Payge Torres, and Bennett is just loving her! ;) Glad that he is making the transition so easily. He still asks for Stephanie, but at least he has someone to play with to keep his mind off of her for a bit. Payge and Bennett ventured to the zoo earlier this week and got to go in the Giraffe barn to feed Miles. ;) super FUN!

May 26, 2014

Bennett and Mommy traveled to Main Campus this morning for his eye appt. 20-20 vision! ;) Perfect! No glasses yet, woohoo!

May 23, 2014

To begin Bennett had a very rough week. :( His Nanny Stephanie Saulnier passed away in a car accident Monday night. We haven't had the courage to tell him yet, and we don't think he would quite understand anyways. But he keeps asking for her which really breaks my heart. She was such a loving and wonderful person to our son, and we will never forget her. RIP Steph.

Moving on to his chemo….Friday Srikar & David from the Men's Rice Tennis Team came to play with him while he waited to get his chemo. We arrived at 8am, and they got there shortly after. Bennett had a great time playing "here I come" and "hide & seek" with them. ;) His counts were at 1500 so we were able to get chemo. As always, he accessed like a champ and had no tears. It cracks me up that the nurses all fight over who gets to access him. ;) 

May 16, 2014

Today we left the house at 8am with Gammy and headed to chemo at TCH Main Campus. Our appt. was at 9am, but didn't even get back there til 10am, which made for a VERY long day. We took his vitals, got accessed and then he was able to play for a bit before getting chemo at 1pm…which we were able to do since his ANC's were at 1200! The new chemo room at Main Campus is huge, but not exactly kid friendly…no toys. :( So it was really hard keeping him entertained. After we got home Mommy and Bennett went to spend the night with Nana & Papa. He had a great time playing catch with Papa and riding in the golf cart. ;)

May 9, 2014

Mommy & Grandpa came to chemo today since Gammy wasn't feeling too well. we arrived at TCH at 8:30 and took his vitals…all looked great. His ANC's were just at 1000 so we were finally able to get chemo after missing it for 2 weeks! Yahoo! Nurse Buffy was super excited about that too! ;) Mommy brought "Bennett's Bears" Mother's Day goody bags for all of the hard working Mommies at the hospital. All in All, a great visit.

May 2, 2014

Today Mommy & Stephanie took Bennett to his 8am chemo appt. His counts were only at 600, so he was unable to get chemo again today, but besides that, he had a great time playing there. ;) Coach Efe from the Rice Tennis Team stopped in to say hello, and then after chemo we went down to Dogwood where Bennett got to help shave a Dynamo Soccer players head for their "Bald is Beautiful" Campaign. ;) Until next week…

Monday, June 23, 2014

April 25, 2014

Today Bennett and Mommy & Stephanie went to chemo together, he just loves her so much! ;) We arrived at 9am and then got started…unfortunately his ANC counts dropped to 640, so we were unable to get chemo…great. Afterwards we went to visit Nana & Papa Boots at their home in Magnolia…which Bennett LOVED, since his 2nd cousin Titus was there to play with! ;) They ran, played and road around in the golf cart. Fun time for all! Until next week…-Mommy Nester

April 21, 2014

Bennett had another MRI today…Mommy had to be at work early, so Daddy & Grandma took him to the MRI at TCH West Campus. He went right to sleep when they put him under and when he woke up he wanted his apple juice and green blanket. ;) We should have the results any time now…

Update- Got the results…his tumor is growing again. They want to finish out this round of chemo and then monitor it again after another MRI in June…so frustrating. :(