Sunday, April 20, 2014

April 18, 2014

Well, Gammy wasn't feeling too well today, so Stephanie (his Nanny) came with us to chemo....which was great, he loves her SO much. ;) Before heading to TCH Main Campus, we were able to stop by the Houston Zoo to visit Mr. Napoleon and get a private tour of the Giraffe Barn & Feeding. Bennett LOVED it. He got to feed all of the giraffes and get some close up time with his favorite "Miles." After we were done, we went back to the directors office where the entire zoo staff had signed a Birthday Card for him and had donated 25 Build-a-Bears for Bennett's Bears this year. Napoleon's Mom even sent him a wooden hand carved Giraffe spoon from Botswana. Very cool. After our fun trip to the zoo, we hauled ourselves over to TCH Main for chemo. His counts were up this week to 2100, which was AWESOME. They lowered his dose hoping that it will help even out his counts so the chemo can become more regular these last 3 months. After we were done, Miss Marti from "Jesus is Bigger thank Cancer" stopped in to give him an Easter Basket. :) So nice of them to do that for him. We have his first MRI since we started this new chemo drug (Vinblastine) on Monday....I will keep everyone posted. -Mommy Nester

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 11, 2014

Today Bennett and Mommy flew solo to chemo...arriving at 8am to get started. In order to determine if he can get chemo he has to be accessed, bloodwork done and then they make the decision if his counts are high enough for the dose of chemo...which today, they were not....he dropped to 800. So....we will be staying in for the next week trying to get his counts back up so he can get chemo next week. Each time this happens it pushes his treatment end date back further, which is a pain. We will be at main campus next week...will keep everyone posted on how it goes. -Mommy Nester

Family Pictures 2014

Our favorite photographer Mark Rigsby did some family shots for us since we hadn't had any done since Bennett had been is a sneak pic of a couple of them. ;) For more info on this photographer go to:

April 4, 2014

Today Bennett was met with a fun surprise at Chemo....3 of his Rice Tennis Team Mates came to support him and keep him company during his chemo session. ;) They had a great time playing trains, hide & seek and throwing the ball around. A BIG thank you to the guys for coming out and doing that for him. He handled chemo great...counts were at 1500 this week. Until next week....-Mommy Nester

Run for the Rose 2014

Sunday, March 30th, 2014 Friends & Family gathered at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas to run in support of Team Bennett! The Run for the Rose donates its funds to pediatric brain cancer research. ;) Go Team BENNETT! Thank you to everyone who donated and came out to support our little man.