Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014 New Chemo Session

Today we embarked on the new chemo session in Bennett's treatments. Gammy picked us up  at 11:30am, and we headed over to TCH West Campus for the chemo. After arrival, he was accessed, blood taken and then the waiting game began….to see if his counts were up enough for chemo….After 2 hours….the verdict! YES! ANC-1900….I didn't know it could go that high! ;) Which shows you what the body can do without the chemo in your body slowing your immune system… So, we then had the chemo, went super fast from Nurse Allison! :) He handled it like a superstar, and then we went home to take a nap. He turns 4 on Monday….where has the time gone….its sad…I can't remember a day with my child that doesn't involve chemo, MRI, or CT Scan….one day this will all be a memory. :) Until next week….-Mommy Nester

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friends of Jaclyn Foundation- Rice Tennis Team

Through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation (Foundation that places Children with Brain Tumors with College Sports Team for Moral and Physical Support); Bennett was added as a member of the Men's Rice Tennis Team today! :) He was so excited all morning talking about how he was going to a Tennis Match! :) They brought him out for a team photo, presented him with a large signed Tennis Ball, and gave him a team outfit to wear. All of the players came by to say hi! Cannot wait for the next match! We thank all of them for their support for our little guy! Go RICE!

February 21, 2013

Today Bennett, Mommy & Stephanie his nanny all went down to TCH main to meet with Dr. Rednam to go over his new chemo we will be starting and to review his physical therapy appt with his PT. Dr. Rednam stated that Bennett would be fitted with braces for the next 2 months while his feet heel. He has been having trouble walking, a side effect of the Vincristine chemo, so they feel the braces will help him get back to where he needs to be. Dr. Rednam went over the new chemo schedule and side effects. We will be on the new chemo every Friday until the end of summer and then re-evaluate at that time. The new chemo is Vinblastine, similar to both Carbplatino and Vincristine. He still will have a weakened immune system, etc. So, here we go again....On a fun note, Bennett was able to go out and watch HURT Rugby team play! ;) He just loves watching them play!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 7, 2014

Today we had an MRI to evaluate his tumor progression from November until now. We arrived at TCH-WC at 8am, MRI started at 9:30am. He was wonderful, and very entertaining to all of the nurses calling them all "Sweetie" ;) He woke up pretty grumpy from the MRI and very we stayed in recovery for 45 minutes and then headed home to let him rest. Dr. Rednam called at 5pm today....tumor is still stable! Thank you Jesus! So, we will being the new chemo regimen next Friday...Vinblastine.