Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bennett Awarded Bronze Star from Veteran

Bennett was awarded a Bronze star from a Vietnam Veteran who heard Bennett's Story, and felt that Bennett was a bigger hero than he is. The one catch, Bennett must soldier through and beat this cancer; and then pass the star on to another child battling cancer. AWESOME. You can see the story below that the news did on it ;)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 24, 2014

Today marks our last dose of Vincristine due to his allergic reactions to it and Carboplatin. Next week we will meet with the oncologist to discuss his next "cocktail" option. An "Ice Storm" hit Houston last night, and the roads and traffic were super dangerous, so we chose to treat at West Campus instead of Main today. As always, he was a model patient, no tears, and even helped with his accessing. ;) He fell asleep while we were there, so he got his chemo while he was napping! He had a wonderful weekend and didn't feel sick, so Daddy took him on a bike ride. Until next week…

Also…Bennett has decided he loves to SING….heres a taste of his talent…lol!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 17, 2014

We arrived at TCH West Campus at 8:30am, expecting a quick visit…which if FAR from what we got. :( Bennett was accessed by Nurse Allison (Cousin of one of my high school Friends Erin McElroy Tess oddly….) and then we went to play in the play room until chemo was ready to be administered.

We went back with Nurse Allison to have chemo about 10am. Unfortunately…he didn't take the chemo as quickly as he should….normally, it takes us 8 minutes….today it took 25 minutes. :( So….she called Dr. Rednam, and the ordered extra bloodwork, which turned out to be higher than we imagined….his PTT is at 56, which the norm is 24-34….no clue why, but they checked it twice. It indicates that he could be a hemophiliac. :( I hate this. If its not one thing, its another. Give him cancer….and then give him any other random condition you can. UGH. :( So…to end this, we will be retesting next Friday, along with our regular chemo. Lovely. :( -Mommy Nester

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10, 2014

Well today was the worst of all chemo visits…we arrived at TCH at 7:30am, got checked in and then went back to be accessed. As always he handled it beautifully and with no tears. The doctors came in and talked to us briefly and then we were taken back to our private room for infusion. We got a sweet visit from Brandy and Hailey (a family that saw us on the news and wanted to donate bears); so they stopped in and brought 4 bears that they were able to give out while we were there! Hailey even brought Bennett a bracelet she made him. ;) Around 10am Aunt Pam arrived, just as they were starting the chemo. She brought lots of toys, so he was VERY entertained for the day. The doctors noticed Bennett was walking on his toes, another side effect of the chemo...Unfortunately we had something else happen…Bennett kept telling me he needed to potty and kept itching his bottom…the nurse came to look at it and said he was having a reaction to his chemo (Carboplatin)…hives all over his body and swelling. The nurses and doctors swarmed the room and gave him 4 different medications to counter-act the reaction and then continued to monitor him for the next 3 hours. Very scary. Mommy was educated on how to use an Epi Pen…the swelling finally subsided around 4 pm and then released us to go home and take 24 hours of meds. We also had a visit from Mr. Jay Guerrero from Senator Cornyn's Office…he stopped in to check on Bennett and brought him trains to play with, so nice of them to do that. Gammy arrived around 2pm so she could bring us home. So…all in all, it was an eventful and scary day. We met with his oncologist after everything happened and he explained that sometimes reactions happen that far into treatment, so we will be changing his chemo…he will finish out the next 2 weeks of Vincristine and then meet with them on the 31st to find out what new drug they have chosen. We will then start it on February 7th. This poor little guy just can't catch a break :/