Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013

Well, had chemo 13 today over at TCH West Campus. We arrived around 8:30am and were taken right back for vitals and access. We EVEN had a visitor join us today. Mrs. Nadine Bourtos came by to be there with us today for treatment and brought little man donut holes (super big win for her) and a new car game! Thank you so much for coming lady! :) its nice to have someone to talk to while we wait...
He was accessed at 9, no tears of course and even helped the nurse fill up his blood vials for counts. Super big helper today. We got chemo (Vincristine) at about 9:45 and were out of there by 10am. Easy visit and completed with wonderful company. Now Mommy and Bennett are back home for a day of playing and relaxation. Little man is taking this all like a champ.

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Today is Chili's Supporting St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Day! All net profits from todays food purchases go towards pediatric cancer research. Which is AMAZING. We did our part today! Hope all of you did the same! Here are some pics of our adventure! ;) -B&R&B

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 20, 2013

It's been almost from our last post, but it has been filled with fun events. Since we had 2 weeks off from chemo, our visits to the hospital were only for blood work, which all came back normal. During that time frame we got to paint, go the book store, go to Austin to visit Kris & Mila, ride our bike, and have picnics in the Fire Truck Park! Bennett had a wonderful time. It's nice to know that despite all that he is going through, the chemo isn't effecting his spirit...he even knows how to spell his name now! We even had a wonderful acquaintance, Mr. Rigsby come by and take some pics of Bennett before all of his hair comes out, which I hate to say, is slowly starting to take effect. Pics should be posted from that photo session sometime early next week. Moving on to treatment on the 20th...we arrived at the hospital at 8:30am, Randall had to go to work, so Bennett and I went on up to the 14th floor of the TCH Main Campus solo to check in and get started. It was a MAD house there and filled to the brim with kiddos. They are currently re-designing their infusion room, so it is smaller than usual. We checked in, got our vitals taken and then went back to a room to wait. Luckily, b/c they were so full, they let us stay in a private room since our chemo was so long that day, which was a HUGE relief. Normally when we get there, I have to run back there and claim a couch and chair for us an hour before our appt time or we would have no where to sit. Bennett's Gammy arrived about 10:30am, they accessed his port (no tears!), took blood, and then waited on the results before the chemo orders could go in. Once that was done and his counts came back fine, we were ready for our chemo. The Hydration was for the first hour, followed by the 10 minute Vincristine, 1 hour Carboplatin, and then another 2 hours of hydration combined with some anti nausea meds. We finally finished up and were allowed to leave around 4pm. During the visit he was a bit wired, but mostly well behaved. He played on his ipad, read books, played with his cars & stickers and even took a short nap. Ms. Priscilla came by for another visit to see him which he just loved. :) We stopped by to pick up Aunt "bebe" or "baby" as Bennett calls her and headed home. She decided to come stay the night with us! I let Bennett sleep in the bed with me since he usually will vomit alot after his long chemo, but luckily God stepped in. Not one vomit the entire weekend. It was awesome. He is moving through this so well. Have to be thankful for every easy day we can get because I know that they won't always be that way. We have our next chemo on the 27th, short one, but they still end up being a 3 hour trip to the hospital...until next time...-Mommy Nester