Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 30, 2013

Well, it has been a VERY eventful week. We had an emergency visit to the ER on Wednesday night. One of the side effects of the Vincristine Chemo is Constipation. Unfortunately, Bennett hadn't had a bowel movement in a week. So, after lots of worrying, we decided a trip to the ER would be best. We arrived on Wednesday night around 7pm. They tok him back and did XRays to reveal an impacted colon. Unfortunately, because of his condition and risk of infection, they could not do any type of enema to treat him, or admit him, so we got a prescription and headed home for a long night of meds every 3 hours. I can say that Bennett absolutely LOVED the ER room, it was "Cars" themed....Lightening McQueen on the Walls and Cars playing on the TV. Super Cool! ;) He finally had a bowel movement Thursday Afternoon, so Friday the 30th we were able to continue on our regular Chemo Regiment. Gammy wasn't feeling well, so Papa came with us. We arrived at TCH West Campus at 9am, checked in, took vitals, and then greeted Nurse Dana who was our nurse again today. :) I love him having the same nurse each time, it makes this whole experience have a normalcy and familiarity for him that I don't think he would get if we were treating anywhere else. He played with the trains again the entire time until we were ready for them chemo, got accessed, got the chemo, and were out the doors by 11am, but not before Papa took him to the gift shop to let him pick out a new toy... New John Deer Tractor. My little country boy, Randy will blame that Redneck-ness on me ;) So....We have 2 weeks off now....but during those 2 weeks, we have blood work to be done. Will keep everyone posted....heading to see Kris and Mila next week, and Bennett is getting a surprise visit from Nurse Kristy who moved to Dell Children's in Austin, she is going to swing by and say hello to him :) Nice of her! Until next week- Mommy :)

August 23, 2013

Today begins chemo 10 and we were able to have chemo at the West Campus location, which is just 3 miles from our house, which was such a HUGE help. Driving 30 miles into town, paying for valet and gas was getting a bit pricey. :( Our experience went wonderful as usual, we arrived and checked in at 9am, took vitals, and met the new team there. :) They all loved Bennett, he loves to help them take his vitals, which they found very entertaining. Our nurse today was Nurse Dana, who just loved Bennett and made him feel at ease through the entire process. If we have nurses like her each time, this whole experience will be a breeze! We were the only ones in the infusion room, so Bennett had free rain of the play room, so he mainly stayed and played at the train table the entire time. After a quick and easy chemo, we went home. :) All in All, a super easy and quick chemo day! ;) -Mommy

August 16, 2013

Today marks the beginning of our second round of chemo...this one will be 3 weeks on, 2  off for 3 months. During the 2 off we will have blood work to check his levels. Today also marks our 5 year wedding anniversary. Not exactly the way we planned on spending our anniversary, but we would do ANYTHING for our son, so if this is God's plan, we will just roll with it. We began our day early, mainly because Bennett crawled into bed with us at 4am and refused to go back to sleep...not exactly the kind of thing we want to deal with on a 7 hour chemo day, but I said before, rolling with it. We arrived at TCH main campus at 7:30am, checked in, took vitals, got the port accessed and then he played until the chemo orders came through....unfortunately they were running a little behind in the pharmacy, so he didn't get his chemo in until 10am. Randy had to go to work, so Gammy came and relieved him so he could leave. For most of the day he played on Mommy & Gammy's phones watching videos of himself...not vain at all. ;) Around 11 am he stripped down to his diaper, I think the chemo makes him hot, which is understandable. So, instead of wearing clothes, he decided to dress himself in stickers...ALL over his body. ;) At noon one of Mommies good friends, Ms. Priscilla came to visit and bring Bennett a bag of yummy treats and bubbles, which he just Loved! We finally wrapped up our day around 3pm and headed home. The long chemo days of Carboplatin & Vincristine always result in vomiting...he threw up twice once we got home and twice the next morning, and then once again Sunday. This has been such a learning process for all of us, learning most of all that God has a GRAND plan for our little man. :) -Mommy

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 5, 2013

Today marked the date of our first MRI since we started chemo. We hoped and prayed that the procedure would yield wonderful results, and it did...sort of. we began our morning bright and early at TCH at 7am, MRI scheduled for 8:30am. Bennett's Gammy & Papa came along to help me since Randy had to go to work. We checked in, took vitals, and then went back for the procedure. He once again was wonderful about the whole thing. I stayed until they put him in that adorable Giraffe gown and then headed to work. Gammy & Papa stayed til he was done. Waiting all day I was super anxious, but it all worked out ok, around 4 pm I got a call from the oncologist...the chemo had STOPPED the tumor growth for now. It hadn't grown in the past 2 months since chemo started; something that MD Anderson said wouldn't work. Praise the LORD that it did, MDA was wrong. His blood counts were still ok, but they did make us aware of a cyst growing on the tumor towards the center of it, which is unusual, so they want to keep an eye on it (you can see it in the image below, it looks like white jellybean on the tumor). You cannot imagine how many tears we both cried realizing that all of those prayers that you all have been making for us have finally been answered. We begin another 1 month chemo cycle next week, Being the longest 7 hour treatment first of Carboplatin & Vincristine. Thank you all for you support, we couldn't have made it this far without all of you. We had a great weekend spending time with Papa Dick at the Ranch, swimming and BBQing; great end to a great MRI. I start back to work this now we have the new schedule for Bennett since he can't go to school b/c of his immune system...

Mon-Tues: Gammy's House
Wed: Mommy home with him
Thurs: Daddy home with him
Fri: Chemo

Going to be a rough long next 16 months, but I know that we can do it.
Until next week...-B

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 2, 2013

Opthamology appt today at 9:45 am....mommy went solo....NEVER again. As we apparently hit the terrible 3's...I swear I felt like THAT Mom spanking her child. Pretty sure I threw away 2 perfectly good toys because he kept throwing them at other kids. On another note, his vision is perfect. 20-20. :) Which is great, the chemo drug Vincristine isn't effecting his vision  yet. :) All in all, despite his temper tantrums, a very good visit.