Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

Back to to Chemo...treatment 8, end of our first cycle. Like always, he handled it like a champ. We woke up at 6 am and started getting ready to head out. Today was the first time that we couldn't get some one to volunteer to come with us, so luckily, Mrs. Amy who works at TCH and went to school with Bennett's Daddy walked over for a bit to help out. :) Which was GREATLY appreciated. We checked in at 8am, and then went right back to infusion. The past few times Bennett has gone, he has had Ms. Kristy, a nurse there  in the oncology unit that he loves. Infact, we gave her a picture and thank you card for all of her help so far....well today, Bennett was scheduled with another nurse, but Ms. Kristy swapped with her so that she could have Bennett...that made his day! :) After waiting for about 1.5 hours we got the order in for the chemo. His port was accessed, chemo in, no tears. :) All is well in the world of the terrible 3's? That's another story....apparently Mommy is experiencing them first hand. 5 temper tantrums today....3 of which he laid him self down in the parking lot. Awesome. We met Alisha Maiden for lunch at Chuys with Daddy....miss her! And then headed home to get a look at our new playset! :) All in all....besides driving Mommy insane....a good day. :) -B

Friday, July 19, 2013

July 19, 2013

Well, today is chemo #7...unfortunately we got off to a late start. Daddy was supposed to set his alarm clock for 6am, but instead he set it for 7am. Luckily Mommy woke up at after 20 minutes of me running around like a mad woman, and Daddy running around getting Bennett ready to go as well...we were finally ready to rush out the door around 7am. Unfortunately Randy had to be at work at 9 this morning, so we had just a Mommy & Bennett chemo day alone. We arrived at 8am, checked in, and then went back to infusion to get his port accessed and then proceeded to play on Mommy's iphone until the chemo drug Vincristine was ready to be administered, which began at 10am. Like always, no tears. ;) We left and went directly to Chickfila for lunch and then headed home for a much needed nap. All in all, a great day and our little superhero handled it like a champ. :) -B

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 12, 2013

We left the house and arrived at 7:45am for the check-in for the chemo appt at 8am. Unlike last appts, this time, we didn't have to see Dr. Rednam, so we went straight to infusion and waited for Nurse Kristy to come and access and administer the chemo. During the down time, he played and rode the bike in the kids ward. :) He had a great time. Aunt Michelle "Shelf" met us there and relieved Daddy so he could go back to work. As always, you were amazing at receiving the chemo. You are my hero. :) Love, Mommy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 5, 2013

Well we left the house around 6:15am to head to TCH today, since today's chemo is the LONG one. Bennett did NOT want to wake up and was quite grumpy when we tried to coax him out of bed. The only thing that made him want to actually get up was the fact that we told him he could "pusheee theeee buttttonnnn" to open the garage obsession he has. Lol. We arrived at TCH at 6:45am and then registered to get accessed. Once again, he did an awesome job. No tears at all. :) We met with Dr. Rednam the oncologist who assured us that his blood counts were good and that hopefully after this next round of chemo at the end of August, we will know with the MRI if this form of chemo is working, or if we will need to change things up. After that I sent Daddy to go claim a small area for us to get set up comfortably in for his long treatment. We started treatment right at 9am. 1 hour of fluids, followed by 10 minutes of Vincristine; then 1 hour of Carboplatin; then another 2 hours of fluids to flush his system. He played with his iPad happily the entire time, his Grandma arrived at 10:30am so that Randy could leave to go to work. He took each infusion like a champ, and the nurse "Kristy" in charge of him was such a sweetheart and kept loving that he called her "sugar bottom" ;) She kept cracking up that he loved to "push the button" to take his blood pressure, and he made sure t make sure she knew that he required the GREEN arm band for it. hahaha :) Lunch arrived around 1, we ate, and we were headed home finally around 3pm. He woke up Saturday morning with his first bit of vomiting/nausea from the chemo (threw up all over Mommies Pillow in Bed," which was a little  nerve racking for me, but after taking the anti nausea meds, he evened out. His energy levels have slowly started to decline, as I can tell all he wants to do lately is lay in bed :( Hoping it wont be like that the entire time... We go back next Friday for his short infusion of Vincristine at 8am. Until next time....thank you all for your love and support. :) -B

Saturday, July 6, 2013

June 28, 2013

We had Chemo # 4 today...went a little different than we expected. We arrived at TCH with Gammy at 1:30pm to check in, and then waited to be called back for port access. For those of you who don't know, his port which is in the right upper side of his chest, has to have an inch long needle inserted in to "access his port" for chemo administration. In order for Bennett to endure this needle, we have been prescribed a topical numbing cream to put in his port 1 hour before access to ensure that he can't feel a thing during it.....moving on.....they accessed his port, and we moved into the infusion room for chemo....but unfortunately Bennett enjoyed playing in the infusion room a bit much....(they have a play area for the kids to slide, play with toys...etc); The needle came out; forcing the chemo nurses who were going to administer the Vincristine to re-access the port, with no cream to numb it, since it had been longer since 3 hours of application. :( This is the first time he cried. Only for a short moment, but it was a turning point in it for us. He now understands that what is happening to him is not normal. Hoping next week will be better... -B