Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 21, 2013

Today marked Bennett's Chemo #3 treatment date. We spent the first half of the week playing, going to the park, jumping on our "jump jump" & of course going to visit Miles the Giraffe at the Zoo. The only side effects that I have seen thus far is his lack of desire to eat much anymore. Dr. Rednam is keeping a close eye on his blood counts, and so far they have all remained on the high side, despite his treatments, which is reassuring since the last thing we want is for him to get sick. We had a good friend, Mrs. Monica Hachey accompany us today on our visit to get chemo, which was super nice of her! ;) You guys can't imagine how that little act of kindness affects us right now, even just a tag along to be there for us. We arrived at TCH at 3:30 for his appt, went back and got his port accessed and took his vitals and labs. Again, no tears, the nurse said that he is the best patient she has ever had to access for his age. ;) Such a strong willed little boy. At about 4:30 we finally went back to have the Vincristine administered. Took only 5 minutes and then we were done. He was a bit exhausted when we got home and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed, so we let him. He finally dozed off around 9pm, and then came and crawled back into Mommy & Daddy's bed at 1am. He slept tip 8am this morning, guessing his little body is finally starting to feel those strong drugs. He woke up this morning, nuzzled up next to me and took his hand and traced my face while smiling at me. I swear I just about melted. ;) I know sometimes I can't understand why God has put this task on us, but when I look at his smiling face, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else in my life. We were meant for each other. We have one more "short" treatment next Friday, followed by another "long" one the following week...then repeat the process again. The first week of August we should be having an MRI to see if the chemo is taking effect on the tumor's growth. Praying it has. Until next Friday....-B

Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 14, 2013

Round 2 of Chemo Today...Single Dose of Vincristine. It was just Papa & Mommy taking little man today, he picked us up at 11, then stopped by McD's for some "fries & chicken" before heading over to TCH. Appt was at 12:15. Once we got there, we checked in, got vitals taken, and then had his port accessed. Once accessed, we headed back to the infusion room. Unfortunately, even for a chemo that takes only 5 minutes to administer, we STILL had to wait an hour. Once again, he took everything in stride, no tears, lots of smiles and hugs. I swear my child is a superhero in disguise. We finally finished at 2:45pm. He told the nurse who gave him his chemo "Thank you!" and then shook her hand. ;) My little gentleman. Hoping this will stay this easy...but who knows? Eating has gotten better. So hopefully I can keep some weight on that tiny little body. Until next week.... -B

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13, 2013

Visited the Ophthalmologist today to go over Bennett's vision to make sure that the tumor isn't effecting it. He did awesome! 20-25 vision. He is still having his "gaze spells" where his eyes do the doll head wander syndrome...but other than that, he is perfect! Back at home now resting up before out first chemo appt tomorrow at 12:15pm. :) Just wanted to shortly update everyone! -B

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 7, 2013

Well today marks a turning point in our treatment for Bennett, we began administering chemotherapy. We arrived at TCH at approx. 7am and began having his vitals taken & then for the first time, had his port accessed. They previously prescribed us a number of medications for him to take; all of those being: (Lidocane- numbs his port site; Sulfamethoxazole- Antibiotic to fight Infection like pneumonia; Ondansetron- Nausea; Polyethylene- Constipation); Moving on back to his first treatment...he handled it like a superhero! He didn't even shed a tear. He was SUCH a brave boy, which is more than I can say for Mommy & Daddy, as we both were a nervous wreck. After accessing his port, we were moved into the infusion area, we picked a small area near the back of the area, mainly to keep him from seeing the play area, that would have been a disaster pulling around his large rack with the IV attached to it. He posted up on the couch, turned on his ipad, got comfy, and then the meds started. He had 2 hours of fluids through the IV to flush his system, 1 hour of Carboplatin; 10 Minutes of Vincristine; and then another 2 hours of fluids to reflush the system once again. All in all, we were in the infusion area for a little over 5 hours. He didn't start to complain until mainly that last hour, as anyone would have if they had to be stuck in one place hooked up to the machine.

The infusion area was great, filled with movies, and a fully stocked kitchen for the families to eat food, drinks; etc...all provided by the Ronald McDonald House. So the next time you see those "donation" drops at McDonalds, know that they REALLY are going to a good cause. He didn't flinch when it was time to deaccess his port; and right after we were able to head on home. I think the hardest part of this will be trying to keep a mask on him when we go out in public, as he cannot risk getting sick. our doctor stressed that if he ever gets a fever of 100.4 or higher, we have to go straight to the ER and be admitted. :( When we got home, he napped for a good 3 hours and then was ready to play! He went outside and jumped on his trampoline and played a bit! He didn't seem phased by the drugs at all. I know that it won't always be this easy, but I am thanking God for everytime that it is. :) We go in next week for another eye exam & then chemo again next Friday. Until then... -Nesters.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 3, 2013

Well, on this day we went in and had Bennett's Port-a-Cath inserted via surgery. We arrived at TCH at 6:30am, surgery started promptly at 9am. He was in for 3 hours during which he had the port surgically inserted into the left upper portion of his chest; just above his left nipple. That portion of the surgery took about 1.5 hours; then the next hour they performed a hearing test on him while he was under to make sure that his hearing was working correctly. The reason for this test was because one of the chemo drugs that he will be taking causes hearing loss as a possible side effect. He then went into recovery and we stayed in recovery for about 2 hours while he tried to come out of anesthesia. Mommy & Gammy laid there with him the entire time as he tried to wake up. :) Once awake we headed home, and he handled it all like a champ. ;) Once home I put him in Mommy & Daddy's bed, or the "big bed" as he likes to call it so that he could rest. He fell right asleep and slept until 7am the next day. Once awake the next morning he touched his chest, looked at me and said: "Ouch Mommy; hurts, need bandaid" I know he was in pain from the surgery; 30 minutes later, pain meds kicked in and he was fine. Chemo starts Friday...lets do this. Cancer, you are NO MATCH for our little hero. ;)