Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas 2019

Christmas this year, like each year, seems to have come and gone so fast, a quick little spark of merriment and joy. Bennett was on the nice list and got EVERYTHING he asked for. Not sure we will be able to do that next year, but as long as we can, we will. That little man deserves everything his little heart desires. 2020 is right around the corner, and with it brings new challenges, and we are ready for them! Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Wrapping Up 2019

It's been a VERY long year, and I for one am happy to say that it is coming to a close. On the brighter side of our year Bennett's tumor has remained stable, we took a family cruise to Cozumel, Mommy & Daddy both got new jobs, and Bennett hit a ball off of Craig Biggio at a Sunshine Kids event at Minute Maid Park! He participated in basketball, bowling, and sang at his school talent show (obviously he got mommy's singing abilities). We are excited to see what 2020 brings for the Nester Family. Here are a few candids from the past few months...

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

MRI 03.27.2019

We ventured out early this morning to be at TCH main campus by 7am. Check in was relatively quick, they have completed the new Legacy Tower, tall, beautiful, and lots of new rooms! The addition really completes the hospital. We checked in, got our bloodwork done, and then occupied our time entertaining the nursing staff, as always. He was a bit nervous, his anxiety levels have truly risen over the past 3 years, he knows what to expect now, he feels things. It scares him, it scares me. He vomited twice due to his fears, I hate that it has come to that. The MRI results came back great, tumor is still stable. His oncologist would like for us to have 2 more 6 month MRI's and then graduate to once a year, we couldn't be more thankful! God is good!

Spring Break 2019

We have started a Cruise tradition for Spring Break, this year Daddy and Papa Boots came along for the fun! We went to Cozumel and back out of Galveston on Carnival Cruise Line. Bennett had a blast, he swam, sang at the dinner show, kayaked and played on the beach. Such a wonderful trip filled with memories. One trip I know I won't forget.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


It finally happened! Bennett was able to have his wish granted! We traveled via plane to California back in November 2018. Once we arrived, we checked into the Loews Hollywood Hotel and began our adventure! We got to visit the Hollywood walk of fame, made a trip to Cars Land at Disney, stopped by Harry Potter's Wizarding World at Universal, and numerous other small stops along the way. But the main reason for our trip was amazing, Bennett got to visit the HOT WHEELS FACTORY and design his own car!!!!! I have shared photos of the trip below, it was truly magical. We cannot thank Make-A-Wish, Orange Theory, & Hot Wheels enough for making our little boy's dream come true.

Friday, March 8, 2019

Bennett Turns 9

How did it happen so quickly? My baby boy is doesn't seem possible...but here we are, on the cusp of the rest of his life and it terrifies me. I'm so thankful he embraces being a child, he seems to savor and enjoy every bite out of life he takes. I learn so much from him. MRI later this month to see what that tumor is doing...Cruise next week for Spring Break...will update everyone as we go.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall 2018 Update

It’s been a while since I have updated you on Bennett’s Journey. We had an MRI back in April, the next is planned October 19th. The tumor looked stable in the last MRI, so I continue to pray that this next MRI will continue with stability. We have been dealing a lot with his autism diagnosis right now. The children see him as odd, if they only knew what he has gone through, his view on life is bigger than any of us. Every person he touches or meets, he loves. Unconditionally. One girl in his class was bullying him, but his teacher squashed it quickly for us. These children who bully and tease, those are learned traits, not inherent. I can’t protect him forever, but I will try, because that’s what a cancer mom does, any and everything to protect your baby that God entrusted into you to raise, I cannot let him down. I am his voice.

He took math tutoring this summer, and it is really reflecting in his work this year. Did I mention that he passed into 2nd grade?!? I’m so proud. He is in Ms. Rebecca Martinez and Ms. Gorski’s classes this year, both of them are wonderful with him. Gives me a small sense of relief.

We are working on setting up ABA services for him, but our insurance is giving us a VERY hard time. I hope to get this taken care of very soon. I see him every day, so to me he is normal. And then I see other children his age, God he is different, special, but destined for greatness. We are so blessed that we live in the top medical facility center in the USA.

Over the summer he began a bowling league and is still on it, he loves it. Purple Ball, Purple Bowling Shirt, Purple Ball Bag. Absolutely everything in his favorite color, PURPLE. We have played with friends, made new ones, Got to go to Family Camp for Periwinkle again, and we just got confirmation that his Make-A-Wish Trip has been granted. November 14-travel, November 15- Hot Wheels Factory where he gets to design his own car they will sell in stores, November 16- Disney Cars Land, and then back home November 17. We are all so excited for him.

That’s all for now, next update after the MRI on the 19th.

-Bennett’s Supermom